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Trade 4 Industrialization Africa

Trade 4 Industrialization Africa platforms is a novel vehicle through which major industrialization focused trade initiatives between Africa and the rest of the world are implemented.

Trade 4 Industrialization Africa dedicates at least 20% of the volume of trade between participating African countries and their foreign counterparts towards building technology and industrialization capacity of participating African countries, thereby promoting industrialization and technology revolution in African countries.


Trade 4 Industrialization Africa stands with the policies and ideals of multi-lateral organizations focused on trade such as the United Nations Institutions related to Trade and Industrial Development including UNIDO, UNCTAD, UNDP, WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION etc. and is implemented in partnership with such multilateral organizations, as well as regional and sub regional economic development organizations.

Operationalizing Trade 4 Industrialization Africa


The Trade 4 Industrialization Africa Program is implemented through an Industrial Free Trade Zone Program.

The Industrial Free Trade Zone program further incentivizes industrialization for participating African countries by promoting national industrial competitiveness by encouraging industries to maintain and expand their industrial /manufacturing operations within designated zones in the participating country eg. Through establishment of eco-friendly industrial parks.

An Initiative of Ruthar Consulting, The Trade 4 Industrialization Africa program is implemented in collaboration with Trade Ministries, Chambers of Commerce, and Investment Promotion Centers in Africa, in collaboration with their counterparts around the world; focused on trading with Africa.

Participating African Countries benefit from the following Programs with partner national, sub-regional, regional and inter-regional institutions.

A. Industrial Capacity Support Cooperation Program
Technical Cooperation for building industrial capacity along the Pre Investment, Investment and Post Investment value chain for industrialization in participating African countries.

Building Technical Cooperation for:

  • Feasibility/Research
  • Technical Manpower /Industrial Manpower development
  • Developing training and capacity for Research and development Institutions (Product, market and technology)

B. Joint Venture Industrial Investment Cooperation

Smart Support for Investment in Industrialization Capacity

  • Raw Material Production for Priority sectors
  • Value Addition strategies & Manufacturing Technology
  • Developing Adaptable Manufacturing Technologies and Manufacturing Capacities for small, medium and large scale industries

Post Industrialization Investment Support

  • Continuous Research and Development
  • Industrial Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Environment Sustainability, Social Responsibility

C. Intra and Inter-Regional Trade Cooperation & Trade Promotion

  • Continental Coordination of Free Trade Zones within Africa for maximum trade cooperation.

In the wake of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area, the Africa Free Trade Zone Network ( AFTZN) connects the different free trade zones in the North, South, East and West of Africa, enabling them to cooperate for maximum intra- regional trade. AFTZN further promotes cooperation through the Industrial Free Trade Zone program.
Eg. Through:
i) Harmonizing Standards,
ii) Maximizing trade returns,
iii) Coordinating supply chain, as well as
iv) Organizing continental and regional Trade Conferences, Exhibitions, Expos.

  • Inter-Continental Coordination of Free Trade Zones between Africa and the rest of the world.

Trade 4 Industrialization Africa further promotes International cooperation for Establishment of Inter-continental Free Trade Zones between AFTZN and major global economic free trade zones and their representations to promote maximum inter-continental trade and economic development.

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