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International Business Services (IBS)

Our International Business Services focuses on International Trade and Business Development Services.

Service Model


We provide investors with market insights in the sectors and countries in which we work. Our IBS Model focuses on:
International Trade & Business Development Services

Every industry has to deal with change. And the pace of change advances every year as new technologies, competitors, and products appear. We’ll help you sort through the noise, identify the most important trends, and help you gain and hold competitive advantage.


Our service brings to board its proven and tested models in responding to business challenges.

Qualified Specialists

We engage our extensive cross-industry expertise and tested models in responding to these changes.


We work closely with emerging market stakeholders to create customized sustainable change.


We are dedicated to enhancing the capacity of all actors in the development space to maximize their impact.


Establishing global innovative and partnership-oriented approaches to international business development and international trade.


Business Development Services

Business Planning Services

We provide an objective view to project your business with the latest industry trends in mind to result in real projections.

Report / Proposal Management

We develop key strategies that create winning reports and business proposals, ie. annual reports, research reports, business plans.

Strategic Sales

We develop a portfolio of ideas and processes that guides a sales strategy and tactics for reaching sales goals.

Strategic Marketing

We recognize competition and identify the competitive advantage you can adopt to serve markets you can serve better than your rivals.

Raising Capital for SME’s

Businesses need capital to offset daily costs. For SMEs, securing conventional financing can be a great challenge, that is where we come in.

Business Coaching Services

Each one-on-one coaching session is customized to your needs with assessments and adjustments to resolve business challenges.

International Trade

At the core of our International Business is International Trade. As a people based organization, we focus on international trade that enhances the capacity of local exporters and improves the quality of imported goods by the importer.

Ruthar Cooperatives

Building on our focus on developing people, Our International Trade activities encompass creating export opportunities for local producer cooperatives in developing and least developed countries, particularly in Africa, through its Ruthar Cooperatives. By so doing, Ruthar Cooperatives helps build local economy by creating export opportunities and improving local producer’s capacity for export.

Ruthar Cooperatives Encompass:

  1. Farming Cooperatives
  2. Precious Mineral and Mining Cooperatives
  3. Local Producer Cooperatives
  4. Artisan Cooperatives
  5. Natural Mineral and Oil Producing Cooperatives

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How We Work

Technical Cooperation for Building Local Capacity for Export

By providing local producers with required skills, knowledge and export trading opportunities, Ruthar Cooperatives increase local producer’s capacity for competitive international trading and improve upon local economies of least developed countries and developing countries through employment creation.


  • Lumber and Wood Processing
  • Precious Metals and Minerals
  • Agriculture, Agro food and Agro processing
  • Artists & Artisans Product
  • Extractive, Manufacturing and Processing Industries etc.
  • Minerals and Oil Extraction

Technical Cooperation work /assistance to local producers

Machinery and Equipment Assistance at competitive prices

Industrialization Partnerships

Increased export markets for goods and services from least developed and developing countries