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Trade 4 Industrialization Africa

Trade 4 Industrialization Africa platform serves as a novel vehicle through which major industrialization focused trade initiatives between Africa and the rest of the world are implemented. Trade 4 Industrialization Africa dedicates at least 20% of the volume of trade towards building technology and industrialization capacity of participating African countries, thereby promoting industrialization in participating African countries.

Trade 4 Industrialization Africais is an IDS Initiative of Ruthar Consulting Ghana Limited operative under its West Africa Global Investment Initiative (WAGIS), in collaboration with Chamber of Commerce focused on trading with Africa around the world; as well as with Trade Ministries and Investment Promotion Centers in Africa.

Initiative details

The aim of the initiative is to promote industrialization-focused international trade in Africa. Trade 4 Industrialization Africa forges international trade relationships that allow for increase in the following industrialization capacities for African countries:

Raw Material Production, Manufacturing, Processing/value addition, Export, etc.

In the wake of the Africa Free Trade Agreement/ Act (AFCTA) and Africa’s quest to increase industrialization, Trade 4 Industrialization Africa program promotes industrialization focused trade with Africa and the rest of the world.

Operationalizing Trade 4 Industrialization : Ruthar Cooperatives

By mentoring, managing and offering small holder farmers and local artisans export trading opportunities, Ruthar Cooperatives increase their capacities for competitive international trading and improve upon local economy through employment creation.


  • Lumber and Wood Processing
  • Precious Metals and Minerals
  • Agriculture, Agro-food and Agro-processing
  • Artists& Artisans in Vocational Employment
  • Extractive, Manufacturing and Processing Industries etc.



  • Mentorship for International Trade
  • Technical Assistance
  • Machinery and Equipment Assistance at competitive prices
  • Industrialization Partnerships
  • Increased export markets for Africa made goods and services