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Who We Are

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People Centered Organisation

At Ruthar Consulting we believe in People. We believe that people are the most important assets and investments for society, commerce and development. Because People Create Change.

Our journey began in 2012 when we realized the gap in business development consulting in Ghana, and began consulting for private sector small and medium sized enterprises in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

With commitment to results, we created the “consultant – mentor” model where our clients became our mentees, ensuring that the transformative knowledge, values and skills we transferred was reinvested into the client’s own enterprises. Today some of our clients have become some of our most valued consultants creating transformative change in the now international business and international development organization that Ruthar Consulting represents today.

Our signature “People Development Movement” embraces the concept of a people –centered commerce and development, where the advancement of people and their economic and social ecosystem is the focus. As an International Business and International Development Organization all our services and initiatives focus on this model.

Our People bring our vision to being through their commitment to innovation. By forging the very valued relationships that harness our work; they bring their unique experiences as consultants to enrich the variety of work that we do.

Our Vision

To be the leading people centered organization for developing and least developed countries, particularly in Africa, advancing private and public sector economic and social development goals that support a People- Centered Development Movement.

How We Achieve This:

Through Innovation and Strategic Partnerships to forge an accelerated “People Development Movement” through targeted economic and social development.

Our Essence

People Development Movement

Our People Development Movement creates an operating environment in International Trade, Business Development and International Development where an ecosystem for social and economic well being of our customers, clients and end users, are at the center of what we do.

We work to Achieve Human Rights Based Approaches to International Development

We believe in unearthing the full potential of people and societies to enable them be complete socio-economic contributors of their communities and the global economy. We use demand-driven social entrepreneurial innovations that foster access, equity and inclusiveness in international development.

Ruthar Consulting maintains its commitment to improving lives in least developed and developing countries in Africa and around the world.