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About Us

Providing Innovation and Partnerships for Business and Development.

Ruthar Consulting is a global hub for innovation and collaboration. We believe that problem solving begins with innovation, and the global impact of innovation cannot be achieved without strategic partnerships.


Our Advantage

Global Network

At Ruthar Consulting, our clients have exclusive access to a trusted network of global businesses and development partners who enhance our client’s experience and global impact.

Strategic Consulting

Our approach is focused on strategy for results. At Ruthar we believe the “impossible” only needs the right strategy to be made “possible” and we work diligently to develop unique strategies for project success.

Analysis Driven Recommendations

We monitor and analyse global markets for the risks and opportunities they create for businesses and identify strategies to mitigate those risks and drive the opportunities to our clients’ advantage.

Embracing People & Innovation

Since people are at the core of what we do,  we embrace innovation in  managing our clients, developing new, more efficient ways of raising money and managing projects.

Service Model IDS

International Development Services (IDS)

billion people live on less than $2.50 a day
of world’s goods come from 20% of developed countries
million people have no access to water
million people have no access to health services

Service Model IBS

International Business Services

Ruthar Consulting creates long term value for our clients from inception to growth and maturity.

Business Development


Our Business Development consulting service provides clients with tailored solutions for the business growth strategies. We rely on creativity and the unique innovative crowdsourcing business model to deliver specific results to clients in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Business Development Services

International Trade

Focusing on people development, our international trade builds local capacity for export through organized cooperatives in agriculture, oil and natural resource, Precious minerals and mining, Artisan cooperatives, and local producer cooperatives.

International Trade

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